Jungle Trip Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca jungle journey

The 6-day Ayahuasca jungle trip is the best experience to get a first-hand encounter with the healing spirituality of Colombia. Our Ayahuasca holiday takes place twice a year, always at the beginning and end of the year. You can feel safe with this expedition, because it is a purely spiritual journey into the Ayahuasca jungle that will be anything but touristy. We are located in Putumayo (Mocoa) in the direct territory of the Taitas. The nature there has remained untouched for centuries and our Taitas live in close connection with it. Therefore, it is also important that you begin your journey into the Ayahuasca jungle with respect. Above all, this means your appreciation of nature. This way you will feel connected to it, as well. Besides, the herbal components of Ayahuasca grow here on site. Therefore you will undertake your journey through the Ayahuasca jungle to the origins of the sacred plant medicine. In addition, Ayahuasca unfolds in a particularly energetic way in this environment. You will be able to go through an unique spiritual experience on our journey through the jungle.

What awaits you:

  • 10-day road trip through Colombia
  • 3 special Ayahuasca ceremonies (one with Mama Concha, one with her partner Taita Guillermo and one with their son Taita Miguel)
  • San Pedro ceremonies in the mountains of Pasto
  • beautiful thermal bath in volcanic waters
  • a visit to the community of Sibundoy (Mama Concha’s hometown)
  • a visit to the museum in St. Augustin
  • hikes in nature and to different waterfalls of the Amazonas

The Ayahuasca jungle journey to yourself

Please do not expect a luxury trip where you will stay in a hotel. We are in the middle of the Colombian jungle, we sleep in 8-bed rooms and share bathroom and shower. Our Taitas’ house barely got electricity 10 years ago, but so far no internet. This is very useful because it allows you to concentrate completely on yourself. Since the cell phone acts like a drawer in which we keep our pain and fears, which we carry with us every day. We ferment all negative emotions with this medium and distract ourselves from the fact that this stress is our constant companion with social networks, drugs or sex. Because negative emotions also begin to fester in our body. This Ayahuasca jungle journey is not only a journey to the origins of nature, but above all an Ayahuasca journey to your own origin a journey to yourself. So you can look forward to your own spiritual breakthrough. However, if you still wish to be in touch with the outside world, you can reach a cell phone and internet signal within a 15 minute walk.

Three individual Ayahuasca experiences on your jungle journey

On our Ayahuasca jungle journey, three different and unique Ayahuasca ceremonies await you. You have the exclusive opportunity to experience a ceremony with Mama Concha, who is well-known throughout Colombia, her husband Taita Guillermo and her son Taita Miguel. Within a single week you will therefore experience a wonderfully cleansing process with us. You can look forward to your ultimate spiritual transformation as each of these ceremonies work its own magic.

Taita Miguelle

The Ayahuasca Ceremony with Taita Miguel

Taita Miguel is Mama Concha’s son. He has shared the medicine since he was very young; the first time he did it in his indigenous school. At that time, the children took Ayahuasca in his class together. What distinguishes him is his honesty. His ceremonies are very powerful and strong, especially at the beginning. At the end of each ceremony, he creates a relaxed atmosphere with his anecdotes and casual jokes. He captivates and inspires people with his storytelling and he’s always spreading good mood with his words.

The Ayahuasca Ceremony with Taita Guillermo

Taita Guillermo is the most respected and eldest of the Kamsá family. Because of his immense wisdom, his ceremonies are particularly instructive. You will feel in good hands with him and enjoy a feeling of security. He teaches us that Ayahuasca is an art of healing that  has its origins in the over centuries handed down indigenous knowledge  of various  folks of the Amazon jungle and Putumayo, and that it is taken for healing purposes; whether spiritual, physical, psychological or energetic. This transformation is not only for those who are weakened and in poor condition or experience difficulties, but also for those who seek the path of light and harmony, understanding and universal union. His ceremonies are often accompanied by lots of singing and drumming.

Taita Guillermo
Ayahuasca Ceramony

The Ayahuasca Ceremony with Mama Concha

The ceremonies of Mamita are characterized by her strong and yet sensitive feminine wisdom and energy, but also by her fun character. In a fine and subtle way, she is the protector of the world, a female goddess. Her feminine sensitivity symbolizes experience and strength. However, you must be prepared for all that wisdom of Mamita. The path is prepared by drinking Ayahuasca together in one of her ceremonies, which she performs intuitively. With her strong femininity, she makes sure that every Ayahuasca ceremony runs smoothly.

The feminine wisdom in Mama Concha’s ceremonies

She creates the right ceremonial environment to feel the creative power of feminine knowledge. If you define yourself as a woman, you will also be able to connect with your own femininity in her ceremony. Even as a man you will feel the connection to this strong feminine power. This will also ensure that you feel a deep respect for the feminine being. Mama Concha teaches us the wisdom of the woman, her creative power and thus the ability to create new life. All female beings are creators and create life. During a ceremony with Mamita, you too will develop your full potential and powerful creative qualities. You will feel your own feminine power and strength. In this process you will form a unity with yourself. If you drink the medicine of the Mamita, you also connect with her personal feminine wisdom and creative power. You do not communicate with words, but you communicate on a deep level. Mama Concha’s Ayahuasca opens the access of the path to this level. In general, Mamita rarely speaks in her ceremonies. She shows you all her teachings in a spiritual way that you will only experience through her medicine.