How to prepare yourself for an ayahuasca retreat

An experience with ayahuasca medicine in an ayahuasca ceremony is very personal or even life-changing for body and mind. Therefore, prepare yourself well for the ceremony.

The most important thing is that you do not take any psychotropic drugs (i.e. antidepressants or similar) during the time of your ayahuasca ceremony. However, the compatibility of all medications with ayahuasca must be checked in advance.

The diet before and after your ceremony is also important and should be as natural as possible. Some people avoid meat and cheese before taking ayahuasca, but this is not necessary. In Colombia, animal products (apart from red meat) are eaten – even in combination with the intake of ayahuasca. You should avoid sweets and coffee before your ayahuasca ceremony.

Under no circumstances should you consume drugs of any kind or cigarettes before the ceremony if you want to concentrate on the ayahuasca.

Also refrain from having sex in the days leading up to the ceremony, as this creates an exchange of energy in the body. This will ensure that you can express and experience your own energy in your personal ayahuasca ceremony much more better.

You should stop eating at least 6 hours before the ayahuasca ceremony and drink plenty of water. If you wish, you can fast before your ayahuasca ceremony. However, you should only do this if you already have a lot of experience with fasting.

Make sure you feel strong and ready for the ceremony to experience a potentially life-changing night with the ayahuasca medicine.